Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We're Backkk! Lets talk Receivers

Now that the combine has come and gone it's time to think about players that would fit for the rams. Obviously the needs are: Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, Defensive Tackle, and Cornerback. I feel receiver is our biggest need with defensive tackle second. Last year I was pulling for the rams to get Julio Jones, but unfortunately the Falcons snatched him up. Bradford definitely  needs a reliable target to throw to as well as someone for defenses to fear. I would prefer a bigger receiver (over 6'2) myself. I'm not big on drafting Blackmon early in the draft like other experts are. I see him as being a good receiver in the NFL possibly even a true number one receiver, but he just doesn't have the scare factor to defenses to be picked in the top 10. I really liked Alshon Jeffery before the combine and my stance on him hasn't changed. I feel he could be an elite receiver with his athleticism, the one unknown is how fast he truly is. Another prospect I like is Michael Floyd. He seems like a complete player and shows the skills of a 1st round pick, the problem is the off-field issues. Thats not the type of player you want to be banking on when your always worried he may be getting into trouble. Post combine Stephen Hill really intrigues me. Hes 6'4 215 and ran a 4.3 at the combine not to mention averaged  almost 30 yards a catch at Georgia Tech. Those are scary numbers for sure. The thing is, he had only 28 catches and 5 touchdowns. He definitely seems like a guy I wouldn't mind drafting in late 1st early 2nd just on potential.

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