Friday, August 31, 2012

Rams vs. Ravens Thoughts

First off, it was awesome to see Bradford throw the ball around with velocity and confidence. He looked like a franchise quarterback against the Ravens. Steven Jackson looks ready for a big season with good hard runs, but the question still not answered is who will back him up. Richardson is giving Pead a run for the job behind Jackson. Pead shows explosion in his runs and glimpses home-run ability while Richardson consistently run hard every carry getting positive yards every carry makes it very interesting how snaps will be sorted out. Steve Smith had a good game receiving, but besides that no receivers stood out unfortunately. Brian Quick his still not gotten snaps with Bradford and the starters and it makes you wonder what the reasoning is behind that.

On defense the d-line stepped up and showed the force they can potentially be. Robert Quinn was all over the place while Chris Long was great as usual. The only bad from the starters was the injury to 1st rounder Micheal Brockers who suffered an injury to his ankle. He will be questionable for week 1 against the Lions. With depth thin at defensive tackle and Brockers getting better each game, the injury to his ankle is a tough loss to the Rams. Also it was great to see Jenkins get a pick and take it to the house. Obviously Jenkins didn't lose his confidence after a not so great game last week.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rams vs. Cowboys Review

Week three's preseason game against the Cowboys was not the Ram's best showing. According to Jeff Fisher per Jim Thomas on twitter, the rams had 14 missed tackles. Five players had at least two missed tackles. The biggest thing I noticed from Saturday's game was the miscommunication on defense and all the missed tackles. I think the communication will be ironed out by week one against the lions, but all the missed tackles is not something you want to see. Also Janoris Jenkins didn't have his best game as he was picked on the whole first half. He finally looked like a rookie out there getting beat a few times.

On offense I didn't feel good after watching Bradford play the first half. Bradford never got into rhythm and his receivers didn't help. Pead still is struggling on the field, yet Richardson is making a number two running back controversy. Richardson is running hard and getting right up field, while Pead is struggling to make players miss and too busy dancing in the backfield. What the Rams need is a playmaker besides Steven Jackson. Hopefully Givens and Quick will get some work with the starters in the final preseason game. Quick and Givens have big play potential.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Preseason Game 2 Reaction

A 31 to 17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs was just what the doctor ordered. was so many positive things to take away from the game. I saw Sam Bradford look more like the franchise quarterback he was drafted to be. I saw the offensive line block defenders for over two seconds, and I saw the receivers make plays. That's just the offense, the defense looked solid as expected and Robert Quinn looks so ready to explode on the scene and be a premier pass rusher. Several times I saw Quinn be so close to getting the quarterback time and time again. But back to the offense: Bradford went 6 of 9 close to last games completion percentage except this time is was for 102 yards and 2 touchdowns. From the first deep completion of the game to Danny Amendola it was obvious Bradford looked sharp and poised for a good game. The offensive line improved dramatically from week 1, with great run blocking and much improved pass blocking. I still believe Barry Richardson should not be starting over Jason Smith, Richardson looks over-matched over a right tackle, while Smith seems to be holding his own.

-Other observations:
- Daryl Richardson has speed and quickness, he needs to make the team as the number 3 back
- Joe Long looks very solid on the line in the 2nd half
- Jemelle Cudjo was extremely good against the run and better against the pass

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preseason Game 1 Impressions

Coming off a 38-3 loss in the first preseason game against the Colts the Rams have much to work on. There is no need for panic though because preseason is the time to iron things out. Some things that stood out to me during the game is that Barry Richardson should not be starting. Much too often i saw him struggle at right tackle. On the other hand i liked what i liked what I saw out of Jason Smith in the run game as well at Rokevious Watkins. I would hope Smith stays in the starting lineup over Richardson at tackle, but time will tell.
     I liked what i saw out of Janoris Jenkins and the D-line. Jenkins looks like the shut-down corner like he's been advertised almost snagging an interception from Andrew Luck. The starting defensive line looks like a force to deal with. With the addition of Langford(free agency) and Brockers (draft) the line has potential to be elite. Speaking of elite, Robert Quinn is going to have a breakout season. He looks so much smoother and comfortable on the field this season.
    What I wished I saw was more Bradford. Bradford only played 2 series with the starters and didn't accomplish much. I wanted to see him throw the ball more especially with a new offense and plenty of new receivers. Also Brian Quick showed flashes, I just hope next game he'll get more opportunities and hopefully some reps with the first team.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pressure setting on Quick

Now that 2nd round rookie Brian Quick has signed his rookie contract he has lots of work to do. Steven Jackson has publicly come out and given some praise while putting pressure on Quick. Jackson states that Quick is basically a first rounder being the first pick in the 2nd round so he'll have the expectations of a 1st rounder.

Brian Quick needs to get the offense down and prepare himself for a big season if the Rams offense wants to anything this season. Steven Jackson will always be relied on, but as history has shown just relying on Jackson does not win games without receiver help. Quick needs to stretch the field and be a downfield threat for opponents which will open things up for SJ39.

Friday, June 8, 2012

More pass or run?

I think to start the season off the rams will be balanced on offense with more focus on the rushing attack with Jackson and rookie Pead spelling him. This will be the case due to Bradford's 3rd offensive coordinator in as many years. I think once The rams and get comfortable in the offense, coach Schottenheimer will open things up, not to mention with starting to rookie receivers it will take some time to get them comfortable. Once the offense opens up look out, Bradford will show that elite talent that got him drafted number one overall and the rams' offensive could be scary

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A look at the Offensive Line

The projected offensive line figures to be from left to right: Saffold-Watkins/Mattison-Wells-Dahl-Smith.
There is no shortage of raw talent on the line, mostly from the two young tackles Smith and Saffold who had down seasons. Smith for awhile looked like he may never play again with the concussions, then may of been cut due to his underperformance and large salary.Fortunitly Smith restructured his contract and he is penciled in as our starting right tackle. Rodger Saffold will hopefully come back from his injury and play like he did in his rookie season only giving up 2 sacks.

      I beleive and hope Watkins can step in start at left guard, he certainly has the size (6'4" 330) he is very good in the run game and can improve in his pass protection.
      Center Scott Wells will be an improvement over the mess that played center last season. I wouldn't call Wells an elite center but he is one of the better centers in the league and is a seasoned vet who will help improve the line.
     At right guard the best player on line last season Harvey Dahl is nasty. He is exactly what you want out of a guard. He has a mean streak and is nasty in the run game. His pass protection is good and the best thing out of Dahl is he's consistant, he rarely has a down game.
     The most important pieces this season on the line are Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold, they need to play up to their elite potential and be the bookends for the rams for the next 10 years.