Monday, August 20, 2012

Preseason Game 2 Reaction

A 31 to 17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs was just what the doctor ordered. was so many positive things to take away from the game. I saw Sam Bradford look more like the franchise quarterback he was drafted to be. I saw the offensive line block defenders for over two seconds, and I saw the receivers make plays. That's just the offense, the defense looked solid as expected and Robert Quinn looks so ready to explode on the scene and be a premier pass rusher. Several times I saw Quinn be so close to getting the quarterback time and time again. But back to the offense: Bradford went 6 of 9 close to last games completion percentage except this time is was for 102 yards and 2 touchdowns. From the first deep completion of the game to Danny Amendola it was obvious Bradford looked sharp and poised for a good game. The offensive line improved dramatically from week 1, with great run blocking and much improved pass blocking. I still believe Barry Richardson should not be starting over Jason Smith, Richardson looks over-matched over a right tackle, while Smith seems to be holding his own.

-Other observations:
- Daryl Richardson has speed and quickness, he needs to make the team as the number 3 back
- Joe Long looks very solid on the line in the 2nd half
- Jemelle Cudjo was extremely good against the run and better against the pass

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