Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A look at the Offensive Line

The projected offensive line figures to be from left to right: Saffold-Watkins/Mattison-Wells-Dahl-Smith.
There is no shortage of raw talent on the line, mostly from the two young tackles Smith and Saffold who had down seasons. Smith for awhile looked like he may never play again with the concussions, then may of been cut due to his underperformance and large salary.Fortunitly Smith restructured his contract and he is penciled in as our starting right tackle. Rodger Saffold will hopefully come back from his injury and play like he did in his rookie season only giving up 2 sacks.

      I beleive and hope Watkins can step in start at left guard, he certainly has the size (6'4" 330) he is very good in the run game and can improve in his pass protection.
      Center Scott Wells will be an improvement over the mess that played center last season. I wouldn't call Wells an elite center but he is one of the better centers in the league and is a seasoned vet who will help improve the line.
     At right guard the best player on line last season Harvey Dahl is nasty. He is exactly what you want out of a guard. He has a mean streak and is nasty in the run game. His pass protection is good and the best thing out of Dahl is he's consistant, he rarely has a down game.
     The most important pieces this season on the line are Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold, they need to play up to their elite potential and be the bookends for the rams for the next 10 years.

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