Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hopes for the young d-line

In 2011 Chris Long had his breakout season with 13 sacks. Rookie Robert Quinn had only 4 sacks but showed flashes and lots of potential. With the addition of Kendall Langford in free agency and Micheal Brockers in the 1st round, the Rams d-line is loaded with talent and potential. The hope early on in the season is for the new defensive tackles to stuff the run and take up blockers in the passing game. Hopefully what Brockers and Langford can do is push the pocket in the passing game to nicely set up our two defensive ends. I expect Quinn to get double digit sacks this season as well as Long to have a solid double digit sack season again. I think the addition of Langford is extremely underrated and he will have the biggest immediate impact in the season compared to Brockers because of Langford's pass rush abilities.

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