Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pressure setting on Quick

Now that 2nd round rookie Brian Quick has signed his rookie contract he has lots of work to do. Steven Jackson has publicly come out and given some praise while putting pressure on Quick. Jackson states that Quick is basically a first rounder being the first pick in the 2nd round so he'll have the expectations of a 1st rounder.

Brian Quick needs to get the offense down and prepare himself for a big season if the Rams offense wants to anything this season. Steven Jackson will always be relied on, but as history has shown just relying on Jackson does not win games without receiver help. Quick needs to stretch the field and be a downfield threat for opponents which will open things up for SJ39.

Friday, June 8, 2012

More pass or run?

I think to start the season off the rams will be balanced on offense with more focus on the rushing attack with Jackson and rookie Pead spelling him. This will be the case due to Bradford's 3rd offensive coordinator in as many years. I think once The rams and get comfortable in the offense, coach Schottenheimer will open things up, not to mention with starting to rookie receivers it will take some time to get them comfortable. Once the offense opens up look out, Bradford will show that elite talent that got him drafted number one overall and the rams' offensive could be scary

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A look at the Offensive Line

The projected offensive line figures to be from left to right: Saffold-Watkins/Mattison-Wells-Dahl-Smith.
There is no shortage of raw talent on the line, mostly from the two young tackles Smith and Saffold who had down seasons. Smith for awhile looked like he may never play again with the concussions, then may of been cut due to his underperformance and large salary.Fortunitly Smith restructured his contract and he is penciled in as our starting right tackle. Rodger Saffold will hopefully come back from his injury and play like he did in his rookie season only giving up 2 sacks.

      I beleive and hope Watkins can step in start at left guard, he certainly has the size (6'4" 330) he is very good in the run game and can improve in his pass protection.
      Center Scott Wells will be an improvement over the mess that played center last season. I wouldn't call Wells an elite center but he is one of the better centers in the league and is a seasoned vet who will help improve the line.
     At right guard the best player on line last season Harvey Dahl is nasty. He is exactly what you want out of a guard. He has a mean streak and is nasty in the run game. His pass protection is good and the best thing out of Dahl is he's consistant, he rarely has a down game.
     The most important pieces this season on the line are Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold, they need to play up to their elite potential and be the bookends for the rams for the next 10 years.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hopes for the young d-line

In 2011 Chris Long had his breakout season with 13 sacks. Rookie Robert Quinn had only 4 sacks but showed flashes and lots of potential. With the addition of Kendall Langford in free agency and Micheal Brockers in the 1st round, the Rams d-line is loaded with talent and potential. The hope early on in the season is for the new defensive tackles to stuff the run and take up blockers in the passing game. Hopefully what Brockers and Langford can do is push the pocket in the passing game to nicely set up our two defensive ends. I expect Quinn to get double digit sacks this season as well as Long to have a solid double digit sack season again. I think the addition of Langford is extremely underrated and he will have the biggest immediate impact in the season compared to Brockers because of Langford's pass rush abilities.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Brian Quick 2011 Highlights Appalachian State, Saint Louis Rams

Starting two Rookie Receivers?

2nd rounder Brian Quick and 4th rounder Chris Givens could be the Rams 2012 starting wide receivers with Amendola coming back in the slot. Personally I'm excited if this is the case. We have Amendola in the slot who can catch 100 passes if need be and is always reliable. Then with the two rookies on the outside using their specialties. In his rookie season Quick should quickly (no pun intended) take advantage of his athleticism and size with his large frame( 6-4, 220) and Givens will be perfect for deep throws from Bradford with his speed. Givens will also be great in the quick screen and bubble screen game. So far the rookies have been impressing in OTA's. i hope things keep up and we have two new great weapons for Bradford.