Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Bigger Need than Receiver in the Draft?

Is wide receiver the biggest need in the draft? During the season I was saying yes, but now that the season is over you have to remember we get Avery back healthy, Clayton back(if re-signed), and Alexander if he can stay healthy isn't too bad for receivers. I still think we have to address receiver in the draft, but not necessarily in the first round. I think our biggest need besides receiver is a big mauling guard who can get to the second level. The only guard i could see going in the first round would be Mike Pouncey, but he would be a late first rounder. I think at 14 if Julio Jones is there you take him,  but if not trade back for some picks. This a deep draft in the later rounds where you can get good value in rounds 2 through 5. A few guard prospects i would consider drafting would be Florida's Mike Pouncey in round 2 if hes still there also I'd consider Wisconsin's Moffit in the second. In the 3rd i would be happy with TCU's Cannon (6'5, 350) who is exactly what we need at the right guard position. Another player I almost forgot about is Alabama's James Carpenter, I think he will be a good guard at the NFL level, and he really impressed me during the Senior Bowl. Speaking of the Senior Bowl 2 players that really impressed me were Phil Taylor the DT out of Baylor and Kentucky RB Derek Locke

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