Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What will the Rams 2011 offense look like?

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The past 2 years of the Pat Shurmer "dink and dunk" offense are now long gone. Some were critical, myself included that the the offense was too conservative. In comes Josh McDaniels, known for opening up the playbook and having his own bag of tricks. So the question is..... will the Rams' 2011 offense be like the 2007 Patriots' offense or the 2010 Rams' offense? I have a feeling it's going to be a little bit in between of the two. Player personal has to also be taken into account. There is no Randy Moss on this team or Wes Welker, although Amendola draws comparisons. Yet another year of getting healthy for Danario Alexander, Donnie Avery coming back, and the possibility of a 1st round wideout (Julio Jones) could do wonders for the 2011 Rams' offense. Not to mention a year under Bradford's belt doesn't hurt. I'll take the wait and see approach but I certainly can't help but be excited for next years offense and expect to see more down the field pass attempts.

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