Friday, January 21, 2011

Grading the Rams 2010 draft

Round 1 Pick1 - Sam Bradford - A
                          This is a no-brainer draft pick and it definatly was the right one. Bradford is the real deal and will soon be one of the elite qbs in the league. He put up monster numbers his rookie season(18tds, 60% completion) he threw for over 3,000 yards and even set the rookie record for most attempts without an interception. Sam Bradford is the face of the franchise and this draft

Round 2 Pick1 - Roger Saffold - B+
                          This kid stepped in and played left tackle all season. He didnt let last years #2 overall pick Jason Smith go back to his "natural" side and kept him at right tackle. Saffold was said to be one the steals of the draft. He had 1st round talent but fell to the second round(not too far though). He only gave up 3 sacks this season and showed flashes of great potential.

Round 3 Pick1 - Jerome Murphy - B-
                          On draft day i liked this pick, he looked like a tough hard-hitting physical corner. What disappointed me was that he was barely on the field. Kevin Dockery was used in nickle and I felt that should of been Murphy. Murphy was solid on kick coverage and a really good gunner. Hopefully next season he can become our nickle corner.

Round 4 Pick1 - Mardy Gilyard - D
                          I hated this pick from day one. I live in Syracuse and i personally wanted Mike Williams at this spot. I thought it would of been a huge steal, because off the field Williams is a bonehead but on of it he's a top level talent. Mardy Gilyard never impressed me in college and he struggled to learn the playbook and get on the field this year.

Round 5 Pick 1 - Michael Hoomanawanui - B
                           I would of rated him higher if he wasn't injured a good part of the season. Illinois Mike as some call him, showed real promise as being a go to guy on the offense and a good starter. Coming out of college he was said to be a good blocker but this season he showed great hand and receiving ability. I cannot wait to see his play next year.

Round 5 Pick18 - Hall Davis - F
                             He got traded to Washington and then eventually cut, enough said.

Round 6 Pick1  - Fendi Onobun -B-
                           Later in the draft i don't mind taking risks on a "project" type player. Onobun definatly has athletic ability and size. Hopefully he can get healthy and be the next Gates.

Round 6 Pick20 - Eugene Sims - C+
                           He was off and on the active roster on gameday. Hes a raw player but showed some good ability when he was on the field.

Round 7 Pick4 - Marquis Johnson - C+
                          Went on IR early in the season, didnt see too much from him in college at Alabama

Round 7 Pick19 - George Selvie - B+
                           Loved this draft pick. Seeing a lot of South Florida games I saw a lot of Selvie. He was a monster early in college then started to taper off. Hopefully the coaching staff can get him to play to his double digit sack ability. He showed good quickness off the snap during the season and was good rushing the passer. Next year should be a big year for Selvie.

Round 7 Pick47 - Josh Hull - C+
                           Another late rounder that went on IR early in the season. I didn't see Hull play much, but you gotta like any linebacker who comes out of Penn State right?
I would grade the Rams' 2010 draft as an A. It will always be known as the Bradford draft. Everything the Rams have is riding on the development of Sam Bradford. I would have graded the draft as an A+ if not for the Mardy Gilyard pick in the 4th round. Overall i'm happy with the progress the Rams and the Rams' front office is making.

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